Vertical Shades

Vertical shades are a perfect solution to shade an opening or too enclose a covered patio or deck, creating a peaceful refuge from the out door elements. They also provide energy savings and reduce glare on the inside.


Drop Down Shades

With manual canvas drop or roll downs and Vertical power screens, we can provide the perfect solution for your project. Outdoor shades provide seclusion, as well a as refuge from harmful UV rays.

Vertical Shade Types

See Below the different vertical drop down shade types. Let us know what your looking for, with so many options and a vast selection of fabric and screen colors to choose from, we can assist you in determining the perfect solution for your project.
  • Drop Screens

    Ran on rollers, cables or tracks with a wide variety or screen choices.
  • Clear Glass Drop Downs

    Clear Glass roll down Vinyl windows with Sunbrella canvas border.
  • Canvas Drop Downs

    These are ran on cables, rollers or tracks with a Sunbrella fabric border & clear Vinyl windows.
  • Solair® power shade

    Power screens are ideal for a sleek design. These come with remote or wall switch.


Fabric Brands

Below are the recommended high quality fabrics that we suggest you use for your application. See all the available colors!

Solair Power Shade Frame colors

  • Black

  • Brown

  • Bronze

  • Green

  • Grey

  • Silver

  • Navajo

  • Tan

  • Deseret Tan

  • White

  • Bright White


    Drop-down Sunbrella canvas

    Manual dropdown with Sunbrella canvas border and clear glass windows in an outdoor dining area.

    Solair® power shade

    Solair® power shade in grey.

    Manual clear sheet roll downs

    Manual clear glass sheets with a smal Sunbrella canvas border rolldowns in an outdoor dining room.

    Manual rolldown screen

    Manual rolldown outdoor dining room.

    Solair® power screen

    Solair® power screen used to enclose a space.

    Solair® power screen

    Solair® power screen in Dark Grey

    Solair Power screen

    Solair Power screen outdoor patio room

    Solair® power screen

    Solair® power screen used to enclose patio

    Solair® power screen

    Solair® power screen used to enclose patio

    Solair Power Screen


    Solair Power Screens

    Solair Power Screen



    Solair® power screen

    Solair® power screenin Dark brown
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